Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Martineau Family Gift Exchange, 2011 Edition, Part 4

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One of the "Perks" of participating in the Gift Exchange is... you are the center of attention!  This is YOUR MOMENT.  

You can be calm and cool, or wild and crazy. You can be nice, and open your gift with quiet respect, or you can send wrapping paper flying!

Based on the blur in some of these photos, you can tell that Our Younger Set chose to be True Martineau's, and let their wild and crazy side show through.

Lili received a gift from Lukas

And Lukas received a gift from Lili 
Eric received a gift from Maddie

Jason received a gift from Kevin

And Kevin received a gift from Jason!

Julia received this gift from Eric
one of the two "handmade" gifts in the undergrad group.

This is the other Handmade gift...Julia made this tote bag for Maddie.  

Tomorrow...the 'not art' gifts.

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