Friday, December 2, 2011

The Martineau Family Gift Exchange, 2011 Edition, Part 5

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Many of the G.E. participants choose not to 'make' a gift, and that is perfectly ok!

Here is the rundown:

Albert gave Jennifer a basket filled with candy-making supplies.
Janet does the honors for Jennifer

Tom gave Josephine a "Saint Francis" birdbath for her yard.
A photo of it was in this box

Steve gave Rob a Jack Daniels' gift set.
Mike was Rob's rep for the evening

Precy gave John two vintage DVD's.

Mike gave Sarah a 'Bath and Body Works' Gift set.

Janet gave Tom a gift bag filled with gourmet candy.

Nick gave Buddy a basket filled with movies and move snacks.
It must have been a flying basket!
(photo will most likely appear in one of the 'gift table' shots)

Rob gave David a Gamestop Gift Card.

Jen gave Stacy a Pacsun Gift Card.

Danny Gave Cheryl a bucket filled with candles and a Mini Nutcracker.

David gave Albert two American Indian 'coffee table' Books.

And James gave Larry a sweatshirt with the Martineau Crest Embroidered on it!

It is so cool that we know each other well enough that the gifts chosen are generally JUST PERFECT. Everyone was VERY happy with the gifts they received this year! 

Tomorrow:  The "Arts and Crafts Show" Gifts begin!
You won't want to miss this!

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