Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Performance Art! (Rehearsal)


 David, Jessica, Kevin and I
 met Joe, Danny and Jason
 at Donna and Tom's house
    For a 'Rehearsal Session' in preparation for one of Mom's Birthday 'Gifts'.

The Task:
  To choose a song
  Rewrite the Lyrics
  and SING it, Karaoke style.

The five Grandchildren in attendance - all under 16 yrs of age - collaborated, and chose "Ghostbusters" as the song they wanted to perform.
With a (very) little help from their friends, they rewrote the lyrics, and the new title of the song became

 "Call Grandma!!!"

They practised once, sitting at the table.  Then they got up, grabbed the mikes, and this is what happened:

From L-R:  David, Jessica, Kevin, Jason and Danny

The rest of Josephine's Grandchildren (all but one OVER 16 yrs of age) will be joining in on Saturday, but they are gonna have to wing it, since they were unavailable for rehearsal.

Josie is going to LOVE this!
 ...Hope you do, too...
xoxoxo, cd


  1. Hey Cheryl!

    Hope you and Buddy are up to some singing and heavy-duty stepping, cuz you're part of the "winging it" crew! (James, Eric and Pete and Sarah, get ready... you're gonna dance, too!)

    Can't wait for Saturday...
    xoxoxo, ac

  2. What a lively crew! LOL
    Poor ghosts!! They didn't stand a chance LOL
    Great fun ~ Eddie