Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"0" 'Neau!


Please bear with us today...
Although we have dozens upon dozens of paintings and drawings to show you, today's post will have 0. (Oh, well, ok...maybe 1).


It is the Year of the '0's for those in the 'Neau... Family.

This Year
Has an unusual number of 
Special Events
For the Martineau's to Celebrate 
that are reaching a '0' decade milestone.

I am posting this today, because it is
10 Days until
Josephine's 80th Birthday!
(Happy Early Birthday, Mom!!!)

On September 15th, 1951, 60 years ago, She Married Albert Martineau.          

Also reaching 60 year milestones:    Larry's Wife, Rosalie
(seen here with her daughters)
and My Husband, Jerry

40 years ago, Jerry married Me.                                           

And Our Son Michael will be 40 this year: 

30 Years ago, Larry's son Brian came into the world
and Steve's daughter Stacy will be 20 years old in August.

Other occasions fall under this "0" umbrella -  Brian and Ashley's first date, to name one.  I'm sure there are several more (Hey, Fam! Let me know so your 'day' gets recognition here!)

Happy Birthdays!!!
Happy Anniversaries!!!

Truly Happy Days.


And even as we rejoice in these occasions, there are days that we Remember with sadness...  

 10 years
Twin Towers
by xoxoxocd, 1992


 When we stop to smell the roses,
enjoy the moment,
and fill our days with memories...
the simple act of recalling those days from the past
brings them into our 'present',
 and makes time
seem to pass more quickly. 



Love to all!
xoxoxo, cd

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