Sunday, February 27, 2011

Grandma's 80th Birthday!!!!!

Josephine's 80th Birthday.  A day we enjoyed as much as she did!

It began with Congratulatory phone calls from Jean and Julie... and Mom was BEAMING when... 9 am, the family began to assemble at 24 C.  Our mission: to CLEAN THE HOUSE!  This was the only 'gift' Mom was expecting ahead of time.
Donna drew the living room, and she Tom and Danny transformed it into a theater for the "Party" to be held after lunch.

Steve was foreman in the little bedroom, and he and Jason and Cathy did a beautiful job!

John got one of the tougher rooms - the Kitchen - but he had the help of Eric (polished furniture), James (cleaned the ceiling fan), Jessica (window washer, deluxe), Jerry (fixed the stove connections) and Precy (floor washer!)

Larry had the Pantry as his room. Kevin helped him some. And Precy washed the floor.  It was spic-and-span when 11:00 rolled around.

Joe drew the bathroom - the most unpleasant job - and had no crew!  His solo effort sparkles, now!!

Rosalie and I lucked out, and drew the Sunporch as our room...and it was shining like a diamond when we got through with it!

And Lenny got the Big Bedroom.  Kevin and Jess were part of his crew, and they finished in record time!

When Patty and David arrived, all the "Call Grandma" performers headed for the basement for some last minute rehearsing.  The performance video is here! (Keep reading...)

Mom with some of her Grandkids

Cheryl and Lukas arrived shortly thereafter.  Buddy stayed home with an ailing Lilli.  Poor little darlin' has a pretty bad cold...

At 11 o'clock, Tom went to pick up the Pizzas (14 of them!!!) and Donna and I set up the "buffet table", and put the 'horse doovers' in the oven, set out the salads that she and Lenny prepared, and the chips and excellent Mexican Dip that Steve made. 

Dad, doing his famous "Moose Ears", sits in HIS chair at the head of the buffet table
Precy decorated the table with the balloons she brought, flowers that had been delivered from Pete and Sarah, and Mike and Janet and Nick and Julia, and flowers and balloons that James brought.  Jessica decorated the rest of the house with streamers and "80" signs.

Mom with Pete and Sarah's bouquet

The dessert table, with James' and Mike and Janet's flowers


As soon as the pizza arrived, the feeding frenzy began (we ARE Josie's children, after all...) but even though we ate our fill, we couldn't make it through all 14 Pizzas.  10 of them were devoured, however.

And then, the fun began....

It all started with the 7 of us sibs singing our version of the Beatles "Birthday" song. 


(Thank you, Cheryl, for taking the scariest photo of the day!  LOL!)

(Precy took a video of this.  I am afraid to watch it. I'm also afraid she will post it on Facebook!!!)

Our Darling, Jessica, wrote a poem for Grandma...

Donna sang her version of Celine Dion's "Mama", and received a "Standing O" .

Kevin sang his Oringnal Rap song,  "Jesus in My Back Yard" (video will be posted later)

Lenny read a Letter he wrote especially for Mom...

and then the Grandkids performed  "Call Grandma"

Tomorrow's post:      'Josie Opens Her Gifts'

Happiest 81st Year, MOM!!!
xoxoxo, cd


  1. I gotta say, this is day definitely going to be on my list of BEST days! The love in that house is just overwhelming! I am so grateful to be a part of it all!

  2. I agree...a BEST Day!!!
    Gram was still beaming when we left last night.

    We done good, everyone!!! Fantastic effort, Phenomenal Result!!!!!

    xoxoxo, me

  3. keep those photos and videos coming to us out here on the West Coast! our hearts ACHE to miss such an epic day. we were there in spirit!! and hope to be out there this summer. <3

  4. We missed you...VERY MUCH!!!

    Let's plan ANOTHER Epic Day for when you are here!!!
    xoxoxo, ac

  5. Yes let's please have an epic day this summer! :) It's been so hard for Brian to miss out on these unforgettable and unrepeatable family celebrations. He's swimming in group assignments and papers and midterms and practicums and certifications. But it will all be worth it in the end. <3