Monday, February 28, 2011

Josie Opens Her Gifts

Our "Family Gift" to Mom was the Cleaning Service I recounted yesterday. 

But there was more.

You saw Jessica's gift...the reading of her lovely poem. 
Kevin's gift, the Rap Song "Jesus In My Back Yard", was great!
(I will try to get a video of it to post)

Donna has a beautiful voice...and although she thinks she messed up, we we all impressed by her singing. Mom was enchanted by this gift.
(there is a video of this performance, too, but we are awaiting permission to post it).

Len wrote her a letter, and Mom began reading it, then started to get too moist around the eyes to finish, so Len finished reading it aloud.  So Moving!!

And, of course, by now you have all seen the "Call Grandma" song...

But there was even more:

You've seen the flowers and balloons that James gave her...
And the flowers and balloons that Precy (and Stacy) gave her...
And the flowers that Mike, Janet, Nick and Julia sent her...
And the flowers that Pete and Sarah sent her...

But you hadn't seen the lovely hyacinth that Joe and Cathy gave her...
(on the left in the photo below)
or the bouquet that Ant and Karen brought when they came in...
(not pictured, sorry!)
the gift from Anthony...and the absolutely delicious Boston Creme Pie!!!

And you didn't know about:
The surprise visit from Pete, after he got off work...
and the phone calls - too many to mention.
And I understand that Dad gave her some cash and a promise to take her to
'Twin River'!

BUT...there was still more...

Let's see if I can remember it all....

Mom received a "Grammy Award" from Kevin

...handmade card from David, and his picture in hand decorated picture frame.
(the purple one, on the left front "Group of Gifts" photo, above)

A framed photo of Len and Julie from Julie.
(right front)

A handmade card and "Grandma" plaque from Eric.

A handmade cowl scarf, some bath products and a "4 Seasons" photo collage from Jerry and me.
(center of photo, above)

A Gorgeous pant suit from Donna and Tom.

A drawing -  "This Holy Mass"  - from Danny and Jason
(center of photo, above)

This card...from Steve (Too Funny!!!)


And this adorable photo of Luke and Lilli in a frame that they decorated... 

This painting...from John..

And this painting, from Cheryl..

And so much more...

but I will need help to remember...

Bath and Body products...from Larry and Ro???
And what was in the blue bag? and the colorful Happy Birthday bag on the left?
Did I miss anything else?

When my Family rescues me from this Senior Moment, I will amend these omissions...

At the end of the day, we gathered for a group photo because it's
"What we DO!"

Many thanks to Ant for being photographer on this one!

As Cheryl so aptly put it in her comment on yesterday's post...
"It was a BEST Day!!!"

Wishing all of you a Best Day!
xoxoxo, cd

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