Sunday, December 5, 2010

G.E. 5 - Cinematic Entertainment

In 2009, the Family was delighted by a short video, produced by 'Neau Budget Films.

It was titled "Albert Martineau and the Raiders of the Lost Hot Seat", and was one of the funniest movies I have ever seen.  It would be impossible to describe this little gem to you.  It MUST BE SEEN to be appreciated, and it helps if you know a bit about Our Dad and his favorite sayings.

That said, we were treated once again to a 'Neau Budget Film at this year's G.E.
This time, we laughed for 40 minutes instead of 12, and the performances were, well, Oscar-worthy.

Although I don't have the video yet, and I'm not sure if I did have a copy that I would be allowed to show it to you, I DO have Studio Shots of some of the actors, and I'm willing to bet that some of you will be able to piece together the plot when you see these.

For 2010, 'Neau Budget Films presents

"Star Trek: The Undiscovered Hot Seat"

starring Brian Martineau as Captain Kirk

James Martineau as Commander Spock

and Peter Martineau as "Scotty"

Co-starring Ashley Martineau as Gillian
Jessica Martineau as "Girl on the Bus"
Kevin Martineau as "Annoying Boom-box Dude on the Bus"
Josephine Martineau as Herself
with a voice-over by Albert Martineau

This film tells the story of how the Hot Seat was destroyed in a Pyrotechnic Accident in the 20th Century.

 When no Hot Seat was available to answer the probe when it came to check up on it, Earth was ravaged by an angry probe, indeed!  Our heroes go back in time to find the Hot Seat and bring it to the 23rd Century in order to save Earth.

(Well, what did you expect? Huh??)

I sincerely hope that some day I will be able to post these videos for your enjoyment.  They are, in a word, hilarious.

xoxoxo, cd

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