Monday, December 6, 2010

G.E. 6 - The Gift Exchange

When our faces hurt from the laughter and our voices are pretty much shot, we head into the next phase of the event...

The Exchanging of the Gifts

This segment of the evening is steeped in ritual.  As in Olden Times, the "Hot Seat" is transported from Mom's living room, and it makes a celebrated appearance in the hall.  Occasionally, the "Hot Seat" is decorated in a festive Christmas motif. Sometimes it takes an Autumn Aura.  Once in awhile it actually glows. Last year it came equipped with a seat belt. 

This year, we were told that the "Hot Seat" had met with a fiery demise, and a Memorial Service was held.

But OUR HEROES went back in time and rescued our Beloved "Hot Seat"  (please refer to yesterday's post) and it's reappearance was greeted with (slightly hoarse) cheers and thundering applause.

As in Olden Times, youngest of the Clan has the honor of being the first 'bum-bum' in the "Hot Seat".

Our little Darling Liliana is the youngest. This was her second time as the center of attention, and she smiled the whole time.  Each of the smallest of the Clan takes their turn. They all have their own "presentation styles". Generally the gifts are store-bought at this level, which makes it much easier for the parents!

I regret that I will not post clear photos of our babies, but their safety is our main concern.

So I will begin with one of our "Graduates".  Each Martineau Child has the option of promotion into "Adult-dom" at his or her discretion.  This year, Danny, 14 year old son of Joe and Cathy, took the plunge.

Danny got into the spirit of things right away.  Joining "Adult-dumb" does not mean we act like it!

But today, we will focus on the gift He made for "Uncle Lenny".  If this is any indication of things to come, we are in for a great future!

#0323 Ashland Covered Bridge Sculpture

If you all remember, this is one of Lenny's favorite Covered Bridges, and one he has drawn a time or two. Here is Len's rendition of "Ashland, NH Covered Bridge" as seen on his blog, and also on Alldunn by xoxoxocd Facebook:

Excellent artwork, Danny!!!  We are so proud of you!

xoxoxo, auntie c
Tomorrow...another Graduate...

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