Saturday, December 4, 2010

G.E. 4 - Post-Feast Entertainment

After the sumptious meal, many of us are too stuffed to move, but the youngsters have no such problems.

For your enjoyment, some random shots taken between dinner and the movie...

             Julia                                          and Jessica
(Our girls like to pose for the camera...)

A rousing game of "Ring Around the Roses" keeps even the big kids occupied!
Clockwise from left: Ashley, Cheryl, Jessica, Julia and 2yr old Liliana
(how did SHE get into this game??)

And as the Girls 'all fall down', so does Eric...
That's Nick, leaning against the pole (so HE doesn't fall down?)

We take our seats for the movie!!!
L-r: David's left side, Julie, Lenny, Precy, Steve, James, Buddy,
Jerry (standing), Mike (in front of Jerry), Pete (talking to Jerry)
((Jerry's my husband...I just like typing his name, ok?))
Brian (the one-antlered moose) Sarah, Ashley, Jessica, Eric,
Cathy and Kevin's face

Next: Installment: Cinematic Entertainment...

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