Thursday, December 2, 2010

G.E. 3 - Are You Ready For Some Photos????


It is Dec 2, and AMAZINGLY ENOUGH, I have edited many of the photos Jerry and I took at the G.E.

We took hundreds. Not being seasoned pros in the photography world, we messed up most of them.  But the ones we DID get are pretty good, and I am counting on my sibs and daughter-in-law and niece - those who had cameras at the ready -  to fill in the holes.

For today's installment, we will begin at the beginning.  The Meal.

Anyone who knows us at all knows that FOOD is the glue that sticks us all together. And sticks to our ribs.  And sticks to our Bottoms. Josephine's favorite quote ---

"Every Meal is a Feast, and Every Day is Thanksgiving"

--- is recited as a mantra among Family Members. Whenever two or more Martineau's are gathered together, well, that is reason enough for everything in Mom's fridge to be set before us.

On G.E. Day, we turn the tables on her.  Everyone brings their favorite food to the feast, and WE make sure MOM tries "JUST A TASTE" of  each dish. This year was beautiful. Such a selection of delicacies - to die for.

Needless to say, we waddled out of the hall at the end of the evening.

A typical "First Helping"

Buddy, Larry, and Pete on the left
Steve standing, behind Sarah
(You can't see Ashley, but she's sittin' between Sarah and Brian)
Brian, Rosalie, Liliana and Cheryl on the right

Mike on the left
Nick (standing), Janet and Precy
Cathy leaned out of the photo - she is camera-shy  :*)

Steve, Lukas, Buddy, Larry and Pete
James in the foreground

Janet, Precy and Danny on the left
Joe and Mike right, rear
Donna (obstructed - sorry, sis!)
and the back of Mom's head

Jerry and Dad
Looks like Dad already finished!

Len, Julie and Jean

Maddie loves pizza

As many as we could fit in the photo at once

The next installment: Entertainment
Stay Tuned!

xoxoxo, cd

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  1. Oh Clare, these are just wonderful!!! Thank you for posting them, they bring back such wonderful memories. I can't wait for more...