Wednesday, December 1, 2010

G.E. 2 - The 2010 Martineau Reunion/Gift Exchange

When the Martineau Family gets together for the Reunion/Gift Exchange, it is NEVER dull.

It is loud. Very Loud.
Many of us suffer from laryngitis for DAYS after the festivities.

It is Fun. To the 100th power.
The jokes, the puns, the way we each play off one another's comments.

It is Dramatic. And Cinematic. And Chaotic.
And full of love, and caring, and concern.

It is difficult to keep up with all that is going on around you - you try to be a part of every conversation because you don't want to miss a word, a quip, a laugh. By the time the evening is over, your head is spinning, your throat is hoarse, your face hurts from laughing so much.

The littlest 'Martineaus' - Liliana, Lukas and Madison - were a delight to watch this year.  You could see the awe in their faces. Madison grinned through the whole evening. Lukas danced and giggled. Liliana's eyes were big as saucers.  It was adorable.

And our pre-teens - Kevin, Eric, Jason and Julia - are incredible.  They have really gotten into the whole "Gift Presentation" routine, with all the "bowing and salaaming" that goes along with it. We were enchanted.

Our teens - Stacy, Jessica, David, Danny and Nick - although only slightly more reserved than their younger siblings, have a true flair for the dramatic --- and this year, their gift-making talents came shining through.

James and Brian and Ashley and Peter, (with assistance from Buddy, Cheryl  and Sarah) worked many long hours shooting this year's movie - and it was nothing less than AMAZING.  We laughed so hard we cried.  Their creativity just blew us all away.  And since this Generation has taken over the planning and execution of the event, it has been terrific! We thank you all for your efforts to make the day more than special.

As the flyer above states:

"We are related to greatness. We are related to each other.
Heck, we can even be related to Captain Kirk
and Commander Spock if we want to.
We believe that FAMILY is not just who you are related to, but what you create and choose to define as your family."

This year, we chose to include Jean Montgomery and Julie Bynum in the Family circle.
They were troopers, for sure.

Your first MFR/GE is nothing short of terrifying.
You don't know what to expect, even though you have heard the legend.
You know that planting your derriere in the "Hot Seat" is required,
you have heard that some kind of torture is involved,
but no one will tell you exactly what that means. 

I am here to assure you that both Jean and Julie survived the ordeal.
And emerged smiling.

We hope to print their "Reviews" of the Event on these pages, soon.

So stay ain't heard NOTHIN' yet!!!

xoxoxo, cd

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