Monday, November 29, 2010

G.E. 1 - Previews of Coming Attractions....

It was the Best of Times...It was the Best of Times!!!!

The Martineau Family Reunion/Gift Exhange, 2010 Edition, was held on Saturday, November 27.

We had 37 of the 38 Martineau's in attendance (Patty couldn't make it...her Mom and surgery recently, and she is helping to care for her through her recovery)...and we had two VERY SPECIAL guests join the festivities this year.  And FESTIVE is putting it mildly...our G.E. is nothing less than insanity run amok.

ANYway, I am going to post the gift I made for Stacy, since it is the only photo I have ready for publishing.  the Party hasn't ended yet, and I have not had the opportunity to download the pics from my camera. But, believe me...this year may be one for the record books as far as Family artwork is concerned.

By Clare Martineau Dunn
2010 'Neau G.E.

Stay tuned, folks...the Best is yet to come!!!!!

xoxoxo, cd

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