Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Family Feast

This is what the Martineau Family Feast looked like in 1962...

l-r Albert (or at least his plaid-shirted arm), Josephine,
 Lenny (age 4), Joey (age 2), Donna (age 5),
Auntie Anna, Clare (age 10) and Larry (age 9)

And What a Feast!!!
Look at the size of that bird!

The table took up the ENTIRE kitchen...Dad was practically sitting on the counter, Larry kept burning his elbow on the stove, Mom, Joey and Donna were "landlocked" for the whole meal.  That's Lenny's plate in the foreground on the corner of the table, and I remember Dad having to lift him up over a little cabinet to get him back there with Mom for this photo op!
The photographer (whom, I believe, was one of our neighbors from downstairs) was plastered up against the kitchen sink in order to try to get us all in the photo.

Didn't succeed.
The meal was fantastic, anyway.


Thirty-one new members have been added to the Family in the 48 years since this photo was taken.

In 1966, John was born, and then Steve in 1968.
I married Jerry in 1971
We have 2 sons, and 2 daughters-in-law, (Mike and Janet, Rob and Jen)
and 3 grandchildren (Nick, Julia and Madison)
Larry married Rosalie
and they have 2 sons,and 2 daughters-in-law, (Pete and Sarah, Brian and Ashley)
 a daughter and a son-in-law (Cheryl and Buddy)
and 2 grandchildren (Lukas and Liliana)
Donna married Tom
they have a son (James)
Joe married Cathy
they have 2 sons (Danny and Jason)
John married Patty
they have 2 sons (David and Eric)
Steve married Precy
they have 2 daughters (Stacy and Jessica)
and a son (Kevin)

...for a grand total of 38.

Since it's impossible to seat that many around Mom's dining room table now, many of us 'do our own thing' for 'Turkey Dinner'.  

BUT, that does not mean that we don't have a Family Holiday - no siree!

We get together, at a rented hall, on the Saturday after Thanksgiving EVERY YEAR,

And we Give Thanks.

For the Family, for the food, for the occasion, for our good health, for a million other things, large and small, that make this Family so terrific.

Mom recites a beautiful Thanksgiving Prayer that she has written especially for the occasion.

And then, we eat.   That's what we DO!  We are Josephine's offspring, after all...

Our wish today is for Every One of you to find the things that make you Grateful, and to hold those things close to your heart...

...And FEAST upon your Blessings the whole year through.

Best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving,
and Love
xoxoxo, cd

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