Wednesday, December 15, 2010

G.E. 13 - (Lucky 13, for me) - Jerry Dunn

Now I get to talk about one of  MY  favorite subjects, my Dear Husband, Jerry.

Jerry has been a "Martineau" for nearly 40 of his 59 years on this planet.  He is "Son" to my parents and has been a source of strength and composure to the family since day one. He is "Big Brother" to all my sibs, respected and loved by each and every one of them, their spouses and their children.

Besides being my best friend, he has been and always will be 'best friend' to this family.

jd has been part of this G.E. craziness since it's inception.  And, despite the fact that he never thought he had any artistic talent, he threw himself into the event with great abandon.  At first, he would buy a gift and embellish it with the recipient's name.  Then he began to build things. (Once he made a footstool for Tom with "NY" upholstery, which was very difficult for him to do-- being a Red Sox Fan).

Then one year, we took up woodburning (we are always trying new hobbies).   

And Jerry found his "artistic passion".
So, now, if he draws your name for the G.E., you can be almost certain you will get a Cutting Board with his artwork on it.

For 2010, Jerry drew my Brother John's name.  Now, how hard do you think it might be to create artwork for one of the most talented artists in the Family???  (I'm here to tell you: "It's TOUGH")

But he did it.  And did it well.  This is the finished product:


Jerry 'borrowed' his idea from the cover of the September 16, 1961 issue of  'The Saturday Evening Post', on which Norman Rockwell's painting "New Logo" appeared.
In this interpretation, 'John' is creating his own logo for 'Graphic JAM'. 

So, not only has my love been assimilated into 'Neaudom...he has acquired 'Neau Talent in the process.
Don't you think?

Great work, Hon!
I love you!
xoxoxo, me