Thursday, December 16, 2010

G.E. 14 - Josie Sews It Up

Ah...Mom, Mom, Mom...

Every year she tries something new. One can NEVER be sure what she will do next!

This year, Mom had a gift in mind for Janet, and it involved a needlework technique she was not familiar she decided to learn how to cross stitch. And she decided that I was the one who would teach her how.

THANKfully, she decided this early in the year. Not because she had trouble learning the stitches, but because the dang stitches were so small it took her a very LOOOOOOONG time to finish the pattern.

But finish it she did, and she attached her work to a lovely pillow, and trimmed the whole thing out until it was quite a work of art, indeed.

And Janet loved it!  Who wouldn't?

JOSEPHINE! ... you amaze us every year, and this year is no exception...

I Love you, Mommy!
xoxoxo, clare

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  1. I love that she learned how to cross stich just for this! Grandma is such an inspiration!