Tuesday, December 14, 2010

G.E. 12 - Donna Does It Again!

If you will remember, in 2009 my Sister, Donna (Wife of Tom Amaral) presented my Husband, Jerry, with the most incredible drawing of him in his H.S. Football uniform.

She is also the artist who drew our Brother, Steve, with Jim Morrison.

Well, if it is even possible for her to "out-do herself", she did it this year.

She had our Nephew Brian's name for this G.E.  Brian is an animal fanatic (to put it mildly) who is currently studying aquatic life.  So, Sis got to work (I might say here that she was one of the late starters...she began this project a scant week before 'The Day') on surrounding Brian's likeness with his favorite subject.  This is the Result.


Once again, let me apologize for the poor photography. This is certainly much more impressive in person!

D...you did it again.  FAN-tastic!

xoxoxo, sis

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