Monday, December 13, 2010

G.E. 11 - Cheryl - Acrylic Wonder

My niece Cheryl, Daughter of Larry and Rosalie, Wife of Buddy Huntley, Mom of the two youngest "Martineaus" is, as you all know from seeing her work on 'Alldunn by xoxoxocd", an accomplished painter.

You would never know that she only recently took up acrylics...her work is that good!!

She drew Larry's name for the 2010 G.E., and naturally, painted. We are all envious this year...we wanted to be the name she chose!!!  (oh, well, 2011 is coming up - who will be the lucky one???)

This is her gift to her Dad:


As beautiful as this image is, a photo really doesn't do justice to the actual painting. are a great talent, indeed!!!
xoxoxo, auntie c