Sunday, December 12, 2010

G.E. 10 - Buddy's Gift is Dunn Right

 Buddy Huntley...

Husband of Cheryl...Son-in-law of Larry and Rosalie...Daddy to the two youngest members of the Martineau Clan...

Among his many talents:  Music.  His band is called "CenterFire"  (check out one of their videos here:)!/video/video.php?v=510076387934


Buddy drew Jerry's name for the 2010 G.E.

Tough one.  Over the years I have had numerous phone calls BEGGING me for help..."I got Jerry this year...WHAT AM  I GONNA DO???"

This year, no calls.
All I got was a Facebook message from Cheryl asking what kind of wines Jerry and I like to drink...

...and when Jerry opened his gift, this is what Buddy had made for him...


No, he didn't make the wine...

But aren't the bottles stunning?  They are ETCHED with
"Dunn Right Vineyards"

The Zinfandel says :
"Est. Apr. 8, 1971" (our wedding date)

and the Merlot is dated
...the date of the G.E., of course!

But the gift didn't end there...this lovely wine rack was included:

Excellent Job, Buddy!!! 
Beautiful work (and we will treasure the story about the VINeYARDS forever) and a wonderful gift!

xoxoxo, auntie c

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