Friday, July 22, 2011

Femino Family Reunion Art Show and Auction, Part 6, and Finale

The Auction
Some of the items that were auctioned...

Carved Wood Heart
by Larry Martineau
(my Bro)
I was the High Bidder, and now proud owner of this item!!!

Handspun Art Batt, (or Cowl or Scarf)
by Ashley Martineau
(my niece)
 Ashley spins and dyes all her own yarns. To see more of her work, and for all the info you need about purchasing these beautiful items, go to .  From there you will be directed to Ashley's Web Site and ETSY Shop!
Donna Amaral was the High Bidder for this Item.

Batik T-Shirt
by Brian Martineau
(my nephew)
To see more of Brian's Tye-dye Batik shirts, and for info about commissions,  go to
Laura Robitaille outbid everyone else for this item.

Purple Mountains
by xoxoxocd
Marge Cavalieri was the High Bidder for this painting

Tall Ship
by John Martineau
(my Bro)
Peter Donnelly is now the proud owner of this beautiful print!
It fetched the highest price at the Auction!

Sled at the Door
by John Martineau
Sheryl Sharpe was the High Bidder on this drawing.

Old Mill
by xoxoxocd
Peter Cavalieri was the High Bidder for this Original Watercolor

In addition:
"Pink Flowers", by Donna Amaral
Peter Cavalieri was the High Bidder for this Original Watercolor Drawing.
(Photo coming soon)
"Rhode Island", by Len Martineau
Precy Martineau Purchased this drawing.
(Photo coming soon)

"Red Sox Champs", by Len Martineau
The High Bidder on this drawing was Tiffany Cavalieri.
(Photo coming soon)

It was a fantastic Reunion!  The Committee deserves kudoes for all the hard work and dedication expended in making it a day to remember!

Thank you, ALL!

xoxoxo, cd

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  1. Golly - more artists!! Were you all born holding a pencil and paintbrush LOL