Friday, July 22, 2011

Femino Family Reunion Art Show and Auction, Part 5

Continuing with the show....

Musical Quilt
Christine Squillacci's Mom, Madelyn, made this for her Son-in-Law, Pete.
Vibrant and so well made!

Carved Wooden Giraffe
by Larry Martineau
This is simply fabulous. Larry made this for his Wife, Rosalie. Lucky Woman!

Stay tuned!
xoxoxo, cd

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  1. Gosh! very talented creation. Must tell you this # when I was a lad I visited Bristol zoo and wanted to buyu my mum a present. Guess what I chose? A wooden hippopotomus!! LOL She hated it!! . . . .and said why didn't you buy an antelope or a giraffe instead? LOL