Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Femino Family Reunion Art Show and Auction

The next few posts will document the Art Show portion of our Family Reunion, held on July 9, 2011 at the Warren (RI) Recreational Park. If I were to try to describe any other parts of this incredible gathering, it would take weeks!

(For those of you who are not familiar with the family dynamic, the Femino Family consists of my relatives on my Mother's side.)

ANYway, Family Members were asked to bring their own artwork to the Reunion for display. Some of us donated pieces to be Auctioned or raffled (to raise funds for next years' assembly. The Auction raised $150.00 and the raffle, $177.00).

I will begin with my Brother Lenny Martineau's drawings, because he brought the most, and donated them ALL!  These are just a few of the drawings he brought...his others can be seen on his website

I apologize for the poor photography...conditions were not optimal, and I was a little rushed. But you get the idea!

More, soon!
xoxoxo, cd


  1. I really enjoyed those. The one of the massage is extremely sensual.

  2. Sully, I agree!

    Len is extremely accomplished...PHD in Education, Professor at a NC College, licensed Massage Therapist. pilot (helicopters, too!) World traveler --- you name it, he's probably done it. His 'massage art' is very sensual, indeed. His 'Spiritual art' is thought provoking, to say the least. We are very proud of him!

    xoxoxo, cd