Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thank You For Washing Me! *

Thank you.

Two Words.

Easy to pronounce.

Easy to spell.

Two Words.  Used sparingly, they are, well... just words.

But spread 'em around and they are powerful stuff, indeed!

So, today I want to thank YOU, my faithful followers, for stopping by regularly, for the lovely comments, and many laughs, and helpful advice (and "art naming" - Yeah, Sully, I mean you!).


To My Brother, Lenny ( Thank you.  You know you are the one who got me started on all this, don't you? 

To Janet, Delores, Cheryl,  Ashley, Julie and Roberta...Thank you. I know you're there, and I love you for that!

To Eddie ( ) Thank you, for all the nice things you say, and for introducing me to
Maggie (  ) and the above-mentioned 
Sully ( ), both of whom I love dearly.

Thank you to my new friends and fellow "Blog Your Name Out" bloggers,  
Melanie at 
and Beth at 
for a fun and interesting Challenge!
...and Thank you to Manzi ( ) who challenges me to reach farther, and for following "Postcards From A Broad"  all this time!

To "Just Like You" at
"Sush" at
"Pessioptimist" at
"Twilightsaga" at
and " Елизавета Козуб " . 
Thank you for joining in! 

You know I wouldn't bother doing this if it weren't for you all, right?????

Thanks, so much...
xoxoxo, cd

* OK...for those who have NO IDEA what the title of this post is referring to:  
A while back, there was an artist on TV named Bill Alexander, who did beautiful oil paintings in half-an-hour.   He had an adorable accent of some kind, and phrases he used over and over again were easy to make light of ...
("Happy little clouds", "FIRE it in!") 
At the end of each show he would say "Thank you for watching me", but "washing" is what TV Land heard. He was a character - that is for certain! 
RIP, Mr Alexander


  1. Thats kind of you to give us all a mention! Looking forward to your next batch of posts!
    Hope you are enjoying the summer.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  2. Awwww, let me thank you for sharing your art and participating in the Blog Your Name challenge so that I could come across your blog cause I do love your art:-)

  3. Thank you, Darlin'. I hope that getting here to see this 5 days late hasn't changed my worthiness :-)

  4. Well, I wanted to comment on the new look, and clicked onto this post.

    While it is visually intriguing, I've got to say it is confusing as all hell when it comes to figuring out what is new and what isn't. Witness this comment on a post some four months old!

    I suppose it might be fun just scooting from here to there among all that is offered, but I think you might find that many of us (OK, those like me who tend to think linearly more than serendipitously) will miss some things you might think deserved more commentary immediately.

    Just my two cents (which, as you know, is worth about one cent, what with inflation.)