Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Start of an Artful Blog...

Hello, Everyone, and Welcome to ...
Water, Colors and More by Clare Martineau Dunn

Most of you already know me, otherwise you probably wouldn't be here, but for those who don't, this post includes a brief bio. And here it is:

I was Born and Raised in Providence, RI...
...and Graduated from Mount Pleasant HS in 1970
I married Jerry Dunn on April 8, 1971...We are still married, and still happy about it!

We have two sons, Michael and Robert.
And two lovely Daughters-in-law, Janet and Jennifer.
And three terrific Grandchildren: Nicholas (14) and Julia (11), (Mike and Jan's children)
And Madison (3), (Rob and Jen's baby girl)
We also have a 'bonus' grandchild, Jackson, who is the son of Brian and Kristina T.
(details about how we were able to procure an additional grandchild may come in a future post...)

I am a self-proclaimed artist. Some people like my work. I'm hoping you will, too.

The plan is to display one of my paintings or a couple of photographs per post.  These images will not appear anywhere but here, so my hope is you will follow this blog.

In addition, if you would like to view some Great Artwork by members of my family, just click on one of the links located on the right side of this page in the section "Martineau Family Artists", or one of the links at the bottom of this page in the section "Fun Sites We Love".

Thanks so much!
xoxoxo, cd


  1. dear clare,

    i LOVE your artwork, but i also re-Cognize that you have an incredible talent for writing.

    please write, write, and write more!

    this world needs to hear that which you'd like to say.

    heck, ramble on if you want... you've got a gift (communication style) and wIe want more of it!


  2. Awww...shucks! Thank you!

    Did you see the Halloween Story?
    Click on "Al & Josie Martineau", over there

    I had a good time with that one (you'll note I took some liberties with your "Korean Experiences", just for prose' sake).
    All good fun!

    Love you!!
    xoxoxo, me