Monday, May 28, 2012

That's All, Folks!

Well, that is everything I have photographs of, anyway.   Where there are gaps in the #'s, the artwork belongs to someone other than myself, and they have not given permission to post them.  Or I may have destroyed a piece here or there...(I have been told it's not wise to do that, so I have stopped that practice.)

What will follow on these pages will be NEW work.

Keep in mind, I am not one of those savants who can crank out a painting in an hour, and sometimes I put my brushes away for months! But I always come back to it eventually.  So stay tuned!  (In the meanwhile, check out some of the family's artwork, listed by name on the left side of this blog under "Martineau Family Artists".)

Thank You, So Very Much, for taking an interest in this blog, and for all the wonderful comments you have left for me.  I am honored, and deeply moved by your friendships.


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