Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Martineau Family Gift Exchange, 2011 Edition, Finale

Last Chance to Enter the Giveaway! Chick here!

I cannot say that this was "The Best G.E.Ever", because they are ALL the best.

This one ended on it's usual high note.  James showed us the 'outtakes' from "Star Trek, The Lost Hot Seat", and we laughed 'til we p'ed.

And, after cleaning up the Hall, and packing our cars full of goodies, we kissed and hugged, and said "See you Tomorrow!" because we are never, any of us, very far away from one another...

A Wish From Our Family, To Yours...
May every day be a Holiday
and every meal a Feast!
May the Love you share be everlasting. 
May your Christmas be Joyous, and 2012 your best year yet!

L-R, Front Row: Eric, Stacy, David, Jessica and Jason
L-R, Seated: Donna, Larry, John, Steve, Josephine, Albert, Joe, Clare and Lenny
L-R, Back Row:  Tom, Rosalie, James, Buddy (holding Lukas), Cheryl (holding Liliana), Brian, Ashley, Precy, Mike, Janet, Julia, Nicholas, Sarah, Pete, Danny, Cat, Kevin and Jerry

The Albert Martineau Family

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