Monday, December 27, 2010

G.E. Finale - "Surprise" Art - Tom Acts Up

The Surprise? "Performance Art"!!!

Let me see if I can set the scene in your mind's eye:

     It was Dad's turn in the "Hot Seat" --- Dad is always the last to open his gift --- and Tom, (Donna's Husband, and Brother to us all), quite ceremoniously stands and walks towards Dad with gift proffered.

 Now you must visualize the condition of the hall at this time...everyone has opened their gifts, and the floor is literally STREWN with wrappings, bows and boxes.  A virtual pedestrian minefield. 

Three steps towards his goal, Tom stumbles over heaven-knows-what and FALLS FLAT ON HIS FACE!!! And you can actually HEAR the gift shatter into a jillion pieces!

All the nearest Martineaus jump to Tom's aid  --OMG are you OK???  Physically, he is fine...

But emotionally, Tom is absolutely distraught!  THE GIFT IS RUINED!!!

Tom apologizes profusely to Dad, promising to replace the shattered gift, and returns to his seat with head hung low.

Dad takes the wrapping paper off the box..
This was obviously a delicate item...Tom has written "FRAGEELEE" all over the box.

By this time, we are beginning to get the joke, and when Dad opened the box to find a massive amount of broken clam shells, Tom said:

"It's Indian Wampum.  I thought you could use it at Foxwoods..."

Ok, so we're ROFL, Mom is chiding Tom for scaring her like that (It really WAS a very convincing Fall), and Dad is looking pretty confused about it all.  So Tom tells Dad to root around in the shells to find his real gift.

And it was Wampum, all right.  The legal tender kind.  And a ticket for the "Million Dollar Raffle" to be held on New Year's Eve at Twin River.

Now, how can you beat a Happy Ending like that???
("By winning the dang Raffle!")

Tom, you have added a new dimension to the festivities, and we are more than impressed!!!
It's true... you have 'Neau Talent. You should be very proud, Dear Brother, very proud!

xoxoxo, Sisil

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