Thursday, December 9, 2010

G.E. 8 - Brian

Now that the Graduates have been presented to you, it is time for the rest of the 'Neau's to get their Fame on!

Today we will focus on Brian, my nephew, son of Larry and Rosalie.

Those of you who are followers of "Alldunn by xoxoxocd" on Facebook know all about Brian, and what an incredible talent he is. For anyone who HASN'T seen his work there, here is a very brief recap of some of his past gifts:

Brian is the creator of "Martineau-poly", which he presented to Grandma Josephine a couple of years ago:

...and last year, Brian made this guitar for Buddy (yes, y'all, a real electric guitar!)

Just for fun, I would like to show you the very first G.E. gift that he made
                   (do you remember this, Brian?)

OK, so the photography is not wonderful, but you will get the gist.  Brian drew Uncle Jerry's name for this G.E. (we BELIEVE this was in 1988, in which case he was 7 yrs old) and made this "Hat Rack" - a yardstick painted gold, with clothespins attached to clip the hats on, and Jerry's name painted on the clips.  Photo on the left without hats, right with.

This gift is still in use, still hangs in our bedroom.  (I took these photos just a few minutes ago.)

So, now that you have a feel for what this creative young man has done before...this is what he made this year for Uncle Steve...
It is a "Steve Martineau" action figure.

#0342 "Steve" Action figure

The street signs depict the numerous signs that were, shall we say, 'borrowed' from the City of Providence in years past or have significant meaning otherwise (Concannon Street - where we grew up, etc).  The eagle is Steve's familiar, we think.

But here is the neatest part of this gift.  Earlier this year, I posted some photos of Steve's new 'Harley Davidson' tattoo on FB.  Brian recreated this tattoo, and several others that Steve has, on this doll... 

What a Hoot!!!  Excellent gift, fabulous keepsake for Steve, source of amazement, (once again) for the rest of us!!!

Brian...we are in awe of you!!!!!

xoxoxo, auntie clare

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