Friday, December 24, 2010

G.E. 19 - Sarah, 'Neau Wonder!

Last (but not least) in the ART catgeory of the G.E., we have Sarah...Wife of Pete and Daughter-in-law of Larry and Rosalie.

This was Sarah's third G.E. as a 'Neau, although she had a pretty good idea of the craziness from attending a few events as a 'significant other'. Gotta give her credit...she chose to marry into the Fam anyway!

And, creatively, she fits like a glove!  Every time we see her, we learn about another talent she has (for instance, she decorates wicked-cool birthday cakes).

Sarah drew Cheryl's name for 2010, and, oh boy!  Check it out!

This Handpainted Cabinet is delightful!!! 

Ah, Sarah...alas, you have "'Neau Talent".  And are we ever happy!
Excellent, Excellent!


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